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Destiny of Love CD

Modern Symphonic Rock with elements of Progressive Rock, Metal, and Modern Goth Rock creating a melodic, lyrical, focused, uplifting, and energetic listening experience.

Total Length: 54+ minutes

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Destiny of Love CD Cover Art     Destiny of Love CD Tray Card

Destiny of Love CD Disc

Desire of the Heart EP

This is a subset of material from the full length CD, "Destiny of Love"
containing two added "radio cuts" as bonus material plus an additional two club/dance mixes.

Total Length: 51+ minutes

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Desire of the Heart EP Cover Art     Desire of the Heart EP Tray Card

Desire of the Heart EP Disc

Precious Child (single)

This is a specialty collector's CD containing the song, "Precious Child" as a singles release. A bonus track, "I Dream of Love" is included that's only available on this CD, as well as an extended mix of the single.

Precious Child Cover Art     Precious Child Tray Card

Precious Child Disc