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This is the home of Drakon Myth,
a Symphonic Metal rock band.


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Destiny of Love CD (11 tracks) has officially been released and is available at the usual places like iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, etc.

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it's all about. Click Here for a thorough description.


Drakon Myth blends heavy rock, orchestral, choral textures, ambient and electronica into a sound that has traditionally been labeled goth rock and symphonic metal. The song arrangements feature a heavy rhythm section of drums, bass, and guitar, backed by a powerful orchestral presence, choir, piano, synths, and all the ambience one would expect from symphonic metal, arena rock, modern goth rock or whatever label is fitting. The quiet moments offset and highlight the energy and power of the heavier material creating a melodic, lyrical, focused, uplifting, and energetic listening experience.


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